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Plan a Business

Is owning a business right for you? Where do you start? We provide a Step by Step guide to researching and starting a business.

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What business structure is best for me? We help you compare and navigate the crucial decision of determining the right structure for your business needs.

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Do you find the financial responsibilities of owning your own business daunting? We’ll teach you about funding options, managing cash flow and saving for the future.

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Manage & Grow

Need ideas to grow your business? We’ll show you how to utilize business planning, marketing, and technology to achieve your goals.

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Business Deals and Business Analysis

Business Resource Referral

Evaluate Basic Needs Level. Identify Potential Mentors. Consider Financial Needs. Evaluate Location Needs. Evaluate Employee Needs. Consider Marketing Knowledge. Corporate / Government Procurement Interest. Import / Export Interest. And much more. Guide Me

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Public Meeting and Prime Networking Event

Network & Discover

You will have an opportunity to network and discover upcoming contracting opportunities from: Prime Contractors Bay Area Transportation Agencies California High-Speed Rail U.S. Small Business Administration Learn about the “VTA/SamTrans/JPB’s Availability and Utilization Study” Comment on “VTA/SamTrans/JPB’s Triennial Goal for FFY 2017-2019”

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Calendar of Events

7th Annual Small Business Summit of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

May 03, 2018

Accessing Capital to Grow your Business
Engage your next great customer 
Entrepreneurship and Procurement 
 Join us for informative and inspirational workshops, networking and resources for you and your business, celebrating national small business week.  Learn about real world Contract opportunities, learn Bidding strategies to obtain contracts. 
Santa Clara County Building 
70 W Hedding Street San Jose, Ca 95110
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