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May 29 Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

BusinessOwnerSpace.com invites you to attend the 4th Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation on May 29. The 4th event of its kind offered by BOS and its partners, the event will showcase a variety of workshops and a panel on access to capital.

Small Business Ignite

Join a Small Business Ignite session to learn from industry experts, network with other owners of local businesses, develop your business plans and marketing strategies and expand your customer base through social media. Small Business Ignite offers free in-person training and networking sessions paired with virtual mentoring with private sector industry leaders for small businesses in the City of San José.

08/10/2015 05:00 PM PDT
Buying a Business or Selling a Business
Learn how to buy the right business cheap….or sell it high! This is a class for anyone who wants to buy or sell a business and doesn’t know where to start. Two highly experienced business brokers teach this class and they really know their stuff. Anyone who wants to know about evaluating a business’s value or wants to know how to be sure they are buying value should take this class. The course will cover valuation, what kinds of records you need to review and the legal overview of a business transaction.
08/12/2015 05:00 PM PDT
Plan Your Way to Increased Growth & Profits
This small business seminar will show you how to develop a proactive strategy to grow your business, head off competition, and anticipate external opportunities and threats. It uses the SWOT methodology to help you translate what you want to do into clear steps and plans. The class is designed for people who want to grow their business and improve its profitability. It fosters outside the box thinking about the aspects of your business that you might not have considered.