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Legal Requirements for Nonprofits

January 28, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Silicon Valley SCORE
234 E. Gish Road
Suite 100, San Jose
CA 95112
Silicon Valley SCORE

This class Reviews legal and regulatory environment for Nonprofits and as a bonus this class includes some valuable best practices for your nonprofit. You will not be an expert but you will acquire a good understanding of nonprofits and how they work. What you don’t know you will learn to look up.

There are legal topics and legal things you must know if you are in a nonprofit business. You will learn to recognize and avoid legal pitfalls in your nonprofit business. You will get a good foundation on how nonprofit businesses work and thrive. This is a signature course for SCORE. We use the California Attorney General’s “Guide to Charity” which is a comprehensive guide to nonprofits.

Key Topics:

  • The law as it relates to nonprofit concerns
  • Legal issues critical to all businesses but with nonprofit emphasis
  • Nonprofit Compliance matters for the IRS- start-up and reporting
  • Legal Dos and don’ts of fundraising and donors
  • Board level conflict of interest

Learning Outcomes:

  • When you need a lawyer  
  • You are a business. What things are important for any type of business
  • How to comply with nonprofit regulations and special rules and requirements
  • Special breaks for nonprofits and how to obtain them
  • Good financial practices + all the filing requirements noted
  • You will learn about nonprofit businesses and what they deal with day to day
  • You will even learn a few things to avoid legal traps. Raffles are gambling but we will tell you how to avoid that pitfall

Note: Pease either bring a lap top to class after downloading “Attorney General”s Guide for Charities” for free OR:  make a hard copy and if worse comes to worse, we will have a few copies available and a flash drive to copy to your laptop Go to     Then click on “Attorney General’s Guide for Charities.