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Market Research

March 19, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Silicon Valley SCORE
234 E. Gish Road
Suite 100 San Jose
CA 95112
Silicon Valley SCORE

Market Research 

The key to building confidence

This class is about the basics of Market Research and how to do it. It is designed for folks who are unsure about how to fill in some of the spaces in a business plan. In this class, you will develop both the knowledgeand the skills to find the information you need. By developing a prepared question set and with some modeling, you can put your efforts to finding out the things you need to know in order to successfully build a business plan and a business. This class addresses what questions to ask, who to ask and what to do with the answers for both primary and secondary research.

Key Topics:

  • What is your market and how large is it? Is it growing or shrinking?
  • Who are your customers? What are they looking for?
  • Which competitors are going after which segments? How can you beat them?
  • What are some sources of “secondary market data” and how does one get “primary market data”?
  • How do you model markets where you can’t find data?

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is Market Research?
  • What do I need to know to do a business plan?
  • What are the questions I need to ask to get the right answers?
  • Now, what do I do with all the information?
  • What are the tricks about asking questions and getting good answers
  • What is primary and secondary research and why is it important?

What People Are Saying About This Class:

  • “Learning the skills made a huge difference”

  • “Never knew that asking questions was so simple…and so complicated”

  • “This was great! I now know what I need to do.”


About The Speaker:

Mark Levi

Mark graduated with a BSEE degree from Purdue University. His 50 year career was focused in the Semiconductor Industry with extensive management experience in both Sales and Sales management as well as marketing and strategic planning both in the US, in Europe and in Asia. After being the Sales Manager at Motorola Semiconductor he went on to serve as Vice President of Marketing in the Analog and Automotive Divisions of National Semiconductor. Mark was the VP of European Sales and the Group Director of the Microprocessor Division at National. He also served as Senior VP of marketing at Zarlink Semiconductor. He continued to consult in marketing and sales to various semiconductor clients before joining SCORE. Mark has extensive experience in market research and strategic planning for small businesses.