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Nonprofit Marketing with Social Media

May 20, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Silicon Valley SCORE
234 E. Gish Road
Suite 100San Jose
CA 95112

Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit

Many small nonprofits are seeking the right strategy to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But with so many different marketing activities that they could focus on, they often miss some important marketing activities and they need to know why those activities are so important. By marrying e-mail to a variety of social media platforms, nonprofits can maximize their efforts. This class will focus on the nonprofit sector.

Key Topics:

  • What is social media marketing is and why use it
  • Introduction to social media channels and how to evaluate what’s right for your nonprofit
  • Creating engaging content for social marketing campaigns
  • Balancing social media marketing with email marketing and your other marketing efforts

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what the various social media sites can do for your nonprofit and how they interact with each other
  • Learn how to incorporate social media into your business life without losing productivity
  • Know how other businesses are using these low cost tools to gain visibility, develop relationships and drive sales engagement

What People Are Saying About This Class:

  • “Lots of territory covered, great overview”

  • “Great getting started seminar”

  • “Very helpful information and tips”