A business license allows you to do business in the city in which the business will operate. Regulations, procedures, and costs associated with business licenses vary from city to city. If your business is based outside of the incorporated area, then you may need to obtain a business license from the county in which you do business. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need other licenses and permits as well.


Obtaining a Business Tax Certificate within the City of San Jose

(Sometimes known as a business license)

Any person or company conducting business within the City of San Jose must pay a business tax prior to beginning business activity in the City – this is required whether or not an office is located in San Jose. Once the tax has been paid, a business tax certificate will be provided to the person or company. This certificate also serves as an official receipt showing that the tax was paid. The certificate must be displayed conspicuously in your place of business.

To find out more information about business taxes for the City of San Jose, please visit the City Finance Department.