What is a Non-Profit Organization?

  • A Non-Profit Organization is an organization where no owner, stockholders, or trustee shares in profits and losses.  These organizations’ existence is based on a promotion of a mission that improves the community.  Most Non-Profits are eligible for tax exempt status but not all organizations satisfy the IRS requirement for tax exemption. 
  • The following are the different types of tax exempt organizations identified by the IRS:
    • Charitable Organizations
    • Social Welfare Organization
    • Agricultural or Horticultural Organization
    • Labor Organization
    • Trade Association
    • Social Clubs
    • Fraternal Societies
    • Employee Benefit Associations or Funds
    • Veterans Organization
    • Political Organizations
    • and some others.


Local Workshops Available through SV SCORE

  • Nonprofit Financials: This course will focus on identifying and understanding required financial reports and filings for non-profit organizations. The course will also provide insights on budgeting, cash flow, financial analysis and accounting systems. Tax matters and the avoidance of scary tax and regulatory problems will be an important take away from our seminar.  Overall, the seminar should provide a good introductory framework for non-profit entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Nonprofit Funding:  What your nonprofit does,-your programs,-is the highest priority for any nonprofit manager. Fundraising is the second.  Learn methods and techniques for raising funds.
  • Nonprofit Management: This course discusses roles and responsibilities of the Board, Board Chair, Executive Director, Staff and Volunteers using the Strategic Plan and Mission as the basis.
  • Nonprofit Planning-Strategic & Business Plans: Strategic planning is clarifying the purpose of an organization, where the organization wants to be in the future and how it is going to get there. The Business Plan details the goals and actions necessary to accomplish the Mission and Vision of the Strategic Plan.